Our company has several decades of experience in the production of wood products.

We founded our company in 1993. At that time, the main profile was logging, log trade, and the production of unedged lumber. In accordance with the market demands, we set off in the direction of further work. We produced raw furniture slats and Swedish floor material from oak.


In the 2000s, the drastic increase in oak log prices was not followed by an increase in the price of semi-finished products, so we started working with acacia wood in parallel with oak. The continuous increase in demand for acacia encouraged us to gradually abandon oak production and move in the direction of acacia. His foreign partners wanted to buy finished products of a similar size to those produced from tropical trees, but this was not possible due to the characteristics of acacia logs (dimensions, gut rot, rotten knots). Moreover, wooden materials made of one material, due to their natural nature, deform and crack due to external environmental influences after installation.

Successes and solutions

We eliminate the negative properties of wooden materials by producing so-called longitudinally spliced, layer-glued elements. Thanks to the technology used, we are able to produce profiled laminated acacia products with different cross-sections up to a length of five meters.


Our business policy

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